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Web Resources

Birding, nature, photography, travel and related information on Thailand can be found across a plethora of web content. The following cover those found to be most useful and relevant in recent years. These sites are in English, or Thai with English content. Additionally a fair number of Thai-only websites, centred on bird photography can be found.

Birds and Birding

Bird Conservation Society of Thailand. The BCST is the BirdLife International partner for Thailand. The website, in both Thai and English, covers a wide range of material including conservation projects, bird watching areas, recent sightings and records submission.

Phuket Nature Tours. Birding and nature photography, with large photo galleries of birds, insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects all photographed in Thailand, and aimed at assisting identification of species encountered in the field. Despite its name, not a tour company.

Thai Birding. Good collection of birding information covering birding localities, sightings, checklists and reviews.

Thai Raptor Group. Reports on raptor watching and raptor photo galleries. Mainly in Thai.

The Phuket Birder. Birdwatching information for Thailand's west coast.

Thai Bird Spot. Collection of birding information covering birding localities and other birding information.

Yonok Wetlands. Covers background and status of the unprotected Yonok wetlands that harbour the important harrier roosts of northern Thailand, as well as birding the nearby Nong Bong Khai Non-Hunting Area and Chiang Saen Lake.

Thai Bird Report. Facebook group covering reports and sightings from the field.

LBJ Lovers Thailand. Facebook group covering identification of difficult species in Thailand.

Oriental Bird Club. Conservation and publication of extensive material on Asian ornithology, with a huge database of bird photographs, many from Thailand.

xeno-canto Asia. The largest collection of Asian bird sound recordings on the web, including many from Thailand.

Cloudbirders. An index of bird trip reports for Thailand and the rest of the world, linking to trip report repositories across many birding websites (Surfbirds, Birdtours, Worldtwitch, Where to Watch Birds in Asia etc.) Good for trip planning.

Bird Photographic Galleries

Birds of Thailand. A large collection of birds photographed in Thailand by Johan Svensson.

Photo Galleries. A large collection of birds photographed in Thailand by Peter Ericsson.

Internet Bird Collection. The accompanying website of the Handbook of the Birds of the World by Lynx Edicions. A large and growing collection of bird videos, photos and sound recordings, many of which are from Thailand.

Thailand Views. Large collection of galleries of Thai birds by Kanit Khanikul.

Thailand Photo Gallery. Collection of galleries of Thai birds by Alex Vargas.

Birding Blogs

Thai Birds and More. Blog of Peter Ericsson (Bangkok based).

Bangkok City Birding. Blog of David Gandy (Bangkok based).

Dartford Waffler. Blog of Nick Upton (Bangkok based).

Ayuwat Blogspot. Blog of Ayuwat Jearwattanakanok (Mae Taeng based).


Thai Butterflies. Blog, trip reports and a large gallery of Thai butterflies by Antonio Giudici.

Samui Butterflies. Large gallery of butterflies from Ko Samui by Les Day. Also contains a very useful list, with links to photos, of all Thai butterfly species and subspecies where available from around the web.

Butterflies in Indo-China. A checklist of the butterflies of Indo-China with a large collection of specimen photos, many taken in Thailand.

Phuket Nature Tours. Galleries including buttefly photographs from Thailand.

Wingscales. A gallery of high quality images of Thai butterflies.

Butterflies of Thailand. A Flickr group and gallery.

Butterflies of Thailand. A Facebook group.

Butterflies of Singapore. Mostly useful for south Thailand.

Butterflies of Malaysia. Large gallery of butterflies from Malaysia.

Butterfly Circle. Good collection of images and information, with a focus on Singapore.

Butterflies of India. Good collection of images and information for over 630 species from India. Useful for northern Thailand.

Butterflies (and Insects in general)

Maleang. Comprehensive site for all insects of Thailand. Run by Pisuth Ek-Amnuay and Siam Insect Zoo. Malaeng is the Thai word for insect.

Thaibugs. Large galleries for an array of different creatures from Thailand, including moths, butterflies, spiders, amphibians, crustaceans and reptiles. A good place to start when attempting to identify something.

Dragonflies and Damselflies

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Thailand. Very comprehensive site on Thai odonata by Dennis Farrell.

Odonata of Samui. A gallery of dragonflies and damselflies from Ko Samui by Les Day.

Asia Dragonfly Net. Comprehensive collection of Odonata photographs and information covering Asia.

Thai Odonata and Nature. Another comprehensive site, by Nappadon Makbun.

Dragonflies of Thailand. Facebook group covering identification of odonata from Thailand.

Dragonflies of Cambodia. Useful for eastern Thailand, by Hanns-J├╝rgen Roland.

Dragonflies and Damselflies of Singapore. Useful for Peninsula Thailand.

Odonata of Peninsula Malaysia. Comprehensive site by C.Y. Choong.


Phuket Nature Tours. Galleries including mammal photographs from Thailand.

Nature Focus Thailand. Nature photography from Thailand, including mammal photographs.

Southeast Asian Bat Database. Photos, measurements and basic information for Southeast Asian bats.

Southeast Asia Vertebrate Records. Notes on field observations of vertebrates made by wildlife enthusiasts.


Thailand Snakes. Photos and information on Thai snake species and their identification.

Thai Herpetography. Facebook Group for identification and information of Reptiles and Amphibians in Thailand.


AmphibiaWeb. Database of the world's amphibians with information on amphibian declines, conservation, natural history and taxonomy. Many species with photos. Usefully, searches can be done by country.

Thai Herpetography. Facebook Group for identification and information of Reptiles and Amphibians in Thailand.

Reptiles and Amphibians of Bangkok. Useful site, with photos, covering a selection of Thai species. Also has a references section for further research.