South Thailand

Koh Prathong Kho Pratong




The south is characterised by agriculture, oil palm and rubber planations. Some lowland habitat is preserved, but much is under increasing threat. The far south shares an avifauna typical of the Sundas, and is the only place in Thailand where a fair number of southern specialities can be found. Some important forests are found dotted along the length of the Thai peninsula. Large areas of mangrove can still be found. Offshore are some important coral islands. Links provided to a sharable Google Map and/or Google Earth map for localities and places throughout Thailand, and maintained by North Thailand Birding.

North Region

The list of important birding sites of this region covers lowland and mid elevation forests, mangrove, and offshore islands.

A. Hala-Bala Wildlife Sanctuary (not yet available)

B. Pha Phru Sirinthon Peat Swamp Preserve (not yet available)

C. Yaring Mangrove Forest

D. Thaleban National Park (not yet available)

E. Khao Phra Bang Khram Wildlife Sanctuary (not yet available)

F. Khao Luang National Park (not yet available)

G. Laem Pakarang

H. Sri Phang-nga National Park

J. Khao Dinsor