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North Thailand Birding focuses on birds, birding and nature photography in Thailand. Information covers birding sites, checklists, trip reports and resources, as well as a wealth of background, travel and logistical information. Photo galleries showcase the extent and variety of the wildlife, as well as providing identification assistance for well-represented groups. Birding localities and important places are locatable in a shareable Google Map. A World section features trip reports and additional bird and wildlife galleries from around the globe - currently 22,645 images of 6,379 species.

Sinna floralis
Sinna floralis


Oriental Whip Snake
Oriental Whip Snake

Black-throated Bushtit
Black-throated Bushtit

What's About

Latest bird sightings around Thailand.

Updated 23 Feb 2024. Full details.

White-spectacled Warbler - Doi Lang.
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper - Khlong Thamru.
Knob-billed Duck - Bueng Boraphet.
Bay-backed Shrike - Tak.
Tufted Duck - Phetchaburi.
Black-eared Parrotbill - Phu Luang.
Rosy Starling - Bangkok.
Chestnut-eared Bunting - Phang-nga.
White's Thrush - Bangkok.
Checker-throated Woodpecker - KK.
Rose-winged Parakeet - Rangsi.
Glossy Ibis - Buriram.
Ferruginous Duck - Bang Tabun.
Rufous-tailed Robin - Khon Kaen.
Black Stork - Nakhon Sawan.
Black-eared Parrotbill - Phu Luang.
Asian Glossy Starling - Prachuap.

News Snippets

12 Feb 2024. Taxonomic changes from IOC 14.1 (2024) made across the website.

8 Feb 2024. New species of krait Bungarus sagittatus described from Ratchaburi province.

30 Jan 2022. Major update of Thai Butterfly checklist (1,340 species) incorporating latest taxonomic revisions.

20 May 2021. New species of pit viper, Trimeresurus kuiburi described from northern Peninsula Thailand.

18 May 2021. New species of gecko Gekko pradapdao described from Lopburi.

Geographically, North Thailand Birding covers the northern half of the country in detail - roughly north of Bangkok and the Peninsula. Additionally, areas of the south are included following visits and exploration around the country. All information, especially for localities, is gained from first-hand experience and accurate at the time of publication.

Current Galleries Status

World Galleries:
Amphibians: 439 images of 103 species.
Birds: 11,436 images of 2,803 species.
Butterflies: 5,926 images of 1,418 species.
Dragonflies: 641 images of 181 species.
Mammals: 700 images of 181 species.
Moths: 2,686 images of 1,495 species.
Reptiles: 802 images of 189 species.
Other: 13 images of 5 species.

Thailand Galleries:
Amphibians: 393 images of 84 species.
Birds: 3,959 images of 836 species.
Butterflies: 5,113 images of 999 species.
Dragonflies: 562 images of 152 species.
Mammals: 381 images of 89 species.
Moths: 2,467 images of 1,383 species.
Reptiles: 655 images of 144 species.

Feedback through the Contact form is welcomed, as are any comments on identification of species in photographs.

North Thailand Birding went live in September 2011. This website is an on-going project, initiated in October 2009 when photographs were first taken and localities visited. Information, photos, scope, checklists and detailed coverage are being updated and expanded continually. Longer term, photo galleries will be added to include other wildlife.

Latest updates

23 Feb. Updated Doi Suthep-Pui Butterfly checklist (298 species).

23 Feb. Updated Doi Suthep-Pui Locality information.

23 Feb. Added Gunda sp and Gabala roseoretis (species #1,382 - 1,383) to Thailand Moth gallery.

21 Feb. Added Ecpyrrhorrhoe puralis, Arctornis cygna , Erygia apicalis, Helicoverpa armigera, Giaura multipunctata, Olulis puncticinctalis, Heterocnephes lymphatalis and Diplurodes semicircularis (species #1,374 - 1,381) to Thailand Moth gallery.

20 Feb. Updated Thailand Reptile checklist (537 species).

20 Feb. Updated Thailand Butterfly checklist (1,348 species).

20 Feb. Added Gunda ochracea, Udea ferrugalis, Athetis sp, Calluga costalis, Eutelia sp, Ennominae sp and Salma nubilalis (species #1,367 - 1,373) to Thailand Moth gallery.

19 Feb. Added Doi Tung Bird checklist (71 species).

19 Feb. Added Doi Tung Butterfly checklist (114 species).

19 Feb, Added Talanga sexpunctalis, Miltochrista konta, Sansarea circulifera and Sinna floralis (species #1,363 - 1,366) to Thailand Moth gallery. Added additional images of Petrophora chlorosata.

18 Feb. Trip Report for Doi Tung 13 - 16 Feb.

18 Feb. Added Dasychira nigritula (species #1,362) to Thailand Moth gallery.

17 Feb. Added Nudaria sp (species #1,361) to Thailand Moth gallery.

12 Feb. Taxonomic chnages from IOC 14.1 made across the website.

12 Feb. Added Rufous-backed Dwarf Kingsiher (species #836) to Thailand Bird gallery.

11 Feb. Added Limacodinae sp (species #1,360) to Thailand Moth gallery.

9 Feb. Updated Doi Sutehp-Pui Butterfly checklist (296 species).

9 Feb. Updated Doi Suthep-Pui Loclaity information.

9 Feb. Added Drepanidae sp (species #1,359) to Thailand Moth gallery.

8 Feb. Added Calliteara cerigoides, Epipaschiinae sp and Tegenocharis tenebrans (species #1,356 - 1,358) to Thailand Moth gallery.

Full update history.

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